Wetstock Management (WSM)

Merchants care about saving and making money. Merchants want to ensure that they receive and dispense the amount of fuel they paid for. FuelFACT wetstock management helps merchants keep track of their fuel inventory so they can detect fuel losses when they occur and use their resources efficiently.

Know when fuel is delivered; how much is delivered and how much is sold. If the volume sold does not match the volume that left the tanks, FuelFACT AI will tell you.

Every fuel retailer has a process to manage fuel inventory, as fuel is by far the largest expense a merchant incurs. FuelFACT Wetstock management solution attempts to address all potential sources of variance including tanks charts, meters, deliveries, temperature, theft, and leaks.

FuelFACT Wetstock management solution detects and reports slow fuel dispensing, over dispensing, and shortages for a better customer experience and greater profits

  • Wired & Wireless ATG

    FuelFACT deploys ATG's based on what is practcal from site survey

  • Mobile App Alerts

    Send alerts and alarms to merchant based on events

  • Auto Delivery Invoices

    Email PDF reports for delivery to merchant.

Our benefits

Flexible Deployment options. System development support targeting cost reduction

  • Wireless/Wireless FuelFACT ATG

  • Collaboration with pump technicians

  • Also Supports European probes

How do FuelFACT Platform minimize theft with ATG?

FuelFACT Wired ATG's run 24hrs. When site is down, FuelFACT system uses battery that can run for 48hrs to continue to stream data to the cloud.
FuelFACT wireless ATG probes are also active 24hrs. The ATEX ExProof battery lasts for more than 2years

Who supplies ATG's to FuelFACT

FuelFACT is an engineering company. We build systems from the scratch. All ATG's will require extensive tweaking, reconfiguration and reinforcement to work in Nigeria and other African countries. FuelFACT determined that this is one of the main reasons why several efforts to fully and robustly automate large scale operations in Nigeria and other Africans failed.
FuelFACT opted to build the ATG's to allow for flexibility to address operational and system interface issues in the field. FuelFACT engineering is based in Canada. FuelFACT manufacturing is based in Shenzhen-China and Lagos-Nigeria.

How do FuelFACT reduce cost to Merchants?

While not compromising quality and reliability, FuelFACT understand that cost of equipment (CAPEX) is a significant barrier to investment by merchants. FuelFACT uses the following cost reduction strategy:

  • Low Cost wireless ATG Probe
  • Low Cost wired ATG Probe
  • Low Cost ATG Console
  • Subscription when necessary
  • Use of Merchant technicians