Forecourt Automation

Our 4th generation forecourt automation platform is powered by iOT enabled devices including our IP65 wireless touchscreen terminals and mini controllers geared to various costs and deployment requirements of customers. Our terminals support attendant authentication using embedded RFID scanners and barcode scanners.

It's all in the data. We capture all data and send commands to change price, lock pumps and query totalizer values remotely.

FuelFACT controllers support all pumps. FuelFACT engineering has extensive experience with all Asian (Chinese) pumps including Lanfeng485 (Petrotech, Petroflex etc), Lanfeng232, Bluesky, Sanki, EagleStar etc. ; All Wayne pumps (IGEM, Ovation, etc); GIlbacrco pumps (Encore 500/500S, Endeavor, Frontier Series); Tokheim Quantum Series (with IFSF interfaces) etc. When necessary, FuelFACT engineers also develop protocols for pumps in the field to support critical customer requirements.

  • All Protocols

    All pump brands and chip replacement when necessary

  • Data Collection

    Advanced Reporting and Analytics

  • Remote Monitoring

    Ability to change price and query pump state and totalizer.

Our benefits

Flexible Deployment options. System development support targeting cost reduction

  • Wireless Solution

  • Collaboration with pump technicians

  • Native support for all payment flows

How do FuelFACT Platform minimize theft?

Several factors introduce noise to the data captured from pumps during operation. They include:

  • FuelFACT artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms focuses on Data Integrity
  • FuelFACT AI algorithms starts with mimicing how the managers manage their shifts. Here we know themanager collect totalizer values anytime to ensure operational integrity. Hence, FuelFACT AI is actively collecting totalizer values for each transactions. When the pre- and post-totalizer values are not in sync with the volumes dispensed, FuelFACT AI tags the transaction for investigation
  • Power outage during dispensing operation can lead to transaction not being closed. While some pump CPU's provide transaction reports based on last known state (volme, amount, totalizer etc), FuelFACT systems are equipped with batteries that keep the terminals and controllers alive until the pump comes back online. This data is matched withthe transaction data returned by pump to ensure they are in sync.
  • Power brown-outs produce signals from pump CPU that match does that are part of the protocol binary data. This can corrupt the data being sent by pump. Since FuelFACT is ac
  • Poor grounding is also a significant source of noise to data integrity. FuelFACT AI profiles the data from pump CPU's and uses same to determine how effective the grouding on the pump is.
  • Tampering with pump totalizer values contribute to shift in the data used by FuelFACT to manage pump transactions. Since FuelFACT expects totalizer data to be contiguous and match dispensed volumes, any shift in this data is also flagged by FuelFACT for investigation.

Who supplies controllers to FuelFACT

FuelFACT is an engineering company. We build systems from the scratch. All controllers will require extensive tweaking, reconfiguration and reinforcement to work in Nigeria and other African countries. FuelFACT determined that this is one of the main reasons why several efforts to fully and robustly automate large scale operations in Nigeria and other Africans failed.
FuelFACT opted to build the controllers to allow for flexibility to address operational and system interface issues in the field. FuelFACT engineering is based in Canada. FuelFACT manufacturing is based in Shenzhen-China and Lagos-Nigeria. FuelFACT also has engineering partnership with Petrotek Kosovo.

How do FuelFACT reduce cost to Merchants?

While not compromising quality and reliability, FuelFACT understand that cost of equipment (CAPEX) is a significant barrier to investment by merchants. FuelFACT uses the following cost reduction strategy:

  • Low Cost modular wireless controller
  • Subscription when necessary
  • Use of Merchant technicians