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FuelFACT provides innovative Forecourt Automation (FCA), Wetstock Management (WSM) Systems and FuelPAY

FuelFACT helps retail fuel businesses become more profitable, by enabling forecourt provisioning cost effectively and accepting payments, while keeping their existing working pumps
FuelFACT is designed to be affordable. Systems are modular. Terminals are for improved user experience and connectivity/integration with all pumps. ATG's are easy to install and are maintained by FuelFACT team.
FuelFACT systems are designed to meet high-end capabilities, which include attendant authentication, touch screen front-ends and various wireless and wired integrations/interfaces including scanners

FuelFACT is an engineering company with expertise in design, product-development and manufacturing. FuelFACT is effectively positioned to tackle the problems faced by dealers and merchants in the downstream sector and eliminate cash at retail stations

360° Monitoring

Visibility $ Control

FuelFACT gives you complete visibility and control over your operations. All sales are traceable to attendants and remote access allows for lockouts and price changes.

  • Monitor Sales Transactions

  • Change Prices Remotely

  • Monitor Attendant Operations

  • Monitor Pump Efficiency

  • Monitor Deliveries and Tank Volumes

  • Monitor Variances

  • Allow customers to see your site and inventory remotely

FuelFACT Solution

4th Generation iOT Systems

Forecourt Automation (FCA)

Ultra Low Cost Controllers for internal installations and External Terminals, for all Pump brands & Protocols

Wetstock Management (WSM)

Wired and Wireless Automated Tank Gauge (ATG) Systems with Cloud based monitoring portals

Smart Terminals

Rugged touch screen terminals with various readers for payment validation and queue reduction.

FuelFACT Mobile App

Find fuel, Pay for fuel, Win Points, Manage Delivery, Expenses and Control pumps. View Reports

The FuelFACT Advantage

Why Choose FuelFACT?

  • FuelFACT mission
  • FuelFACT vision
  • FuelFACT history
  • Profitability Model

FuelFACT is on a mission to eliminate cash at retail fueling stations. The extent to which this will be possible depends on how many stations FuelFACT system is installed. FuelFACT understands the merchants and the customers
FuelFACT has engineers with over 50years cummulative industry experience. FuelFACT is partnering with Interswitch-the payment giant in Africa. FuelFACT field engineers are trained to understand the client, his customer and the equipment
Innovation is at the core of FuelFACT. FuelFACT designs and builds solutions from 1st principles. This give flexibility over costs and capabilities.

FuelFACT vision is to become the system at the heart of every retail fueling business in Africa.

FuelFACT started in 2017. We did not go to market right away with systems from mainstream equipment vendors. FuelFACT studied the pump technologies (brands, models, interfaces and protocols) in the African market for 3 years. This led to the establishment of critical partnerships with the main original equipment manufacturers. Knowledge of the technical details of the equipment were applied in the development of controllers and readers at the FuelFACT R&D Lab in Canada.
FuelFACT designed the first set of readers and controllers and tested them in the market. Continuous improvement has led to the evolution of the first verson of FuelFACT market ready products targeting the cost conscious market in Africa.

FuelFACT monitors equipment realtime. The sales from pumps, assigned to tanks, are matched against the actual volume differences in the tank. The variance is used to determine if the fuel retail business is making profit or not. This information is also used to determine if a pump is performing as expected or not. Consequently, pumps requiring maintenance are flagged. In addition, the sales and inventory movement data is used to perform leak detection.
FuelFACT system will tell you if you are making profit or not with the data from pump and tank ATGs.

FuelFACT Way

FuelFACT is an engineering organization. We work with your own technicians and recognize the immense wealth of knowledge they have about your equipment. This increases your system availability. FuelFACT systems cannot be by-passed.
Generally, FuelFACT design mindset is to improve transparency of business operations. This has been shown to improve behavior of operations resources at stations where FuelFACT is deployed
FuelFACT also has a strategic partnership with the Africa payment giant-Interswitch. This partnership is to leverage proven payment industry experience and performance, which Interswitch brings to the table.

  • Ultra Low Cost Controllers

  • Remote updates

  • Work with Merchant Technicians

  • Subscription options avalable

Always focusing on understanding merchant problems

Great products can only come out of a better understanding of the business needs of our customers

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FuelFACT has concentrated on researching the factors impacting the ability of FCA and WSM systems to operate reliably for a long period of time. Since 2018 FuelFACT terminals have been deployed at major sites to test the reliability of FuelFACT technology. The reliability components extend from hardware to software and general accuracy of data when environmental factors perturb forecourt systems. FuelFACT systems have been successful deployed at various sites including the ones listed below

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