FuelFACT engineering efforts was not only concentrated on Forecourt automation (FCA) and Wetstock Management (WSM). Three years of value stream mapping (VSM) and value chain analyses were carried out to understand what needed to be done to implement electronics payments at retail fueling stations. The following insights came out of the effort:

  1. High capital expenditure (CAPEX) needed to implement EMV and PCI certified unmanned payment terminals (UPT)
  2. Due to high level of fraud, insurance costs to cover transactions at retail stations will be high
  3. Transaction latency and failures increases queues and impacts operational efficiency
  4. POS transactions are ubiqutious in the industry. However, the payment transactions are not linked to the dispensing operations. This increases chargeback fraud risks
To tackle these problems, FuelFACT established a strategic partnership with Interswitch Group. Interswitch is the payment giant in Africa.

FuelPAY allows you to buy fuel and pay with any payment method of your choice and from any payment platform

FuelFACT and Interswitch developed FuelPAY to deliver cost effective electronic payment acceptance at fueling points. FuelPAY key feature is in the reduction of delays at pumps during payment. When necessary, customers can pay on POS while in queue. A ticket with barcode or QR code is issued and prnted for the transaction. On getting to the pump, the customers can present barcode for scanning by FuelFACT terminals to autenticate transaction from FuelFACT server and authorize dispensing

  • All Payments

    All payment method, provider and scheme

  • Pump PRESET/Authorize

    Automatically authorise PRESETS and link payment to pump dispensing

  • Support paper and app scans

    Present your receipt or mobile generated QR code.

Our benefits

Integrates with any provider seamlessly

  • Near zero transaction drops at pumps

  • Support for Tips and Cashbacks

  • Secure and Reliable

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Is FuelPAY Secure?


FuelPAY leverages the security architecture you already enjoy with your current payment provider. FuelPAY also reviews and audits reports of chargebacks and transaction issues with payment partners integrated with the network. When a pattern is detected that indicates high risk of breach, FuelPAY notifies the partner and takes further actions to protect end users, such as delisting partners from FuelPAY

FuelPAY does not have your financial information. It only links your payments with the phone number you provided when you paid to your provider

What is the technology behind FuelPAY?

FuelFACT is the technology behind FuelPAY. FuelPAY will not be possible without the controllers at the pumps. FuelFACT terminals are equipped with advanced and secure scanners. Merchants will not support FuelPAY if FuelFACT did not provide cost effective Forecourt Automation (FCA) and Wetstock management (WSM) to the merchant. FuelFACT looks out for the merchants. In return, the merchants look out for FuelPAY

How do I get FuelPAY?

  • When you download FuelFACT mobile app, it comes with FuelPAY
  • If your payment provider has integration with FuelPAY, you can use their app to buy fuel using FuelPAY
  • If your bank has integeration with FuelPAY, you can choose Buy Fuel and select FuelPAY among the billers

Do I need a FuelPAY Account to use FuelPAY?


If your payment provider is offering FuelPAY, you can use their system or app to do FuelPAY.

However, you can always get all your transactions details in FuelPAY app.

How does FuelPAY minimize theft?

  • FuelPAY minimizes cash at retail stations
  • FuelPAY links payment transactions to dispensing transactions. This gives the FuelFACT platform the ability to boast of an end-to-end in the c-store value chain

Who are the payment partners for FuelPAY

  • Interswitch is the primary payment partner for FuelFACT. FuelPAY is the solution that is built for this
  • Banks can also integrate directly with FuelPAY
  • Telco's providing payment services can integrate directly with FuelPAY
  • Mobile banking platforms and similar fintechs can integrate directly with FuelPAY